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Clydesdale Bank, IB Advisor (staff portal)

About the project

Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank were using a number of internal systems to manage customer accounts and product applications. Over the years these had a lot of add-ons and had become cumbersome and unfit for purpose. 

Clydesdale wanted to create a new system called IB Advisor which would combine many of these separate services into one platform. It had to be easy to use and quick to learn. 

I was part of a team of designers who helped to create the IB Advisor platform. 

The process

As this was an internal project for the bank, we had direct access to the teams who would be using the product which was really helpful.

We started off by interviewing some users and running some discovery workshops. Then mapped out the existing services, where they intersected and where there might be crossover. Card sorting exercises with staff helped us determine the architecture for IB Advisor.

The features making up the platform were then split and tackled by myself and other designers.


To start with I worked closely with a couple of the other UX designers, then the features were split out to the different teams. I had less involvement at that stage but still worked on a handful of projects.

For the ones I was involved with, the teams had this kind of make up;

  • UX designer x 1
  • Business Analyst x 1
  • Solution Designer x 1
  • Product owner/Business stakeholder x 1
  • Copywriter x 1
  • UI Designer x 1


Examples of site mapping

Wireframe proposal for the new portal home screen

IB Advisor parity

A project I worked on for business banking had to be designed to go into IB Advisor too. This flow helped stakeholders see where this would sit and how it would work.