Select Page redesign

About the project

The former site was in dire need of an overhaul and I was part of the team to deliver it. With over 14K pages worth of content, this was a huge project. There were tight deadlines and a lot riding on the success of the project.

The new site had to be designed to accommodate an array of content as it would be populated by a brand new CMS system. 

One of the key objectives was to improve the councils SOCITM website rating from a dismal 1 out of 4 stars.

The process

I worked with a large multidisciplinary team from all areas of the organisation. We analysed a lot of user data and did extensive user engagement with Snook. This confirmed what was important for the users.

The site was designed around these key user tasks and I created a number of low-fi  templates wich we user tested and iterated. Once we felt like we had these right, I moved on to high fidelity screens and branding.

These templates were built by the feature team and then a migration process began by the relevant content teams.


The main project team looked like this;

  • UX & UI designer x 1
  • Head of Digital x 1
  • Content creator/Editor x 4
  • Developer x 3
  • Product owner/Business stakeholder x 3
  • Project Manager x 1
  • Clerical assistant x 2
  • Big Data analyst x 1
  • Business Analyst x 2

Outwith this, there was a development team who built the CMS framework and there were 3 or 4 individual content teams who populated the new site.

Michael was great to work with on this project and many other projects. His attention to detail and professionalism was a key factor to the success of the redesign. I would have no hesitation bringing Michael back in for future projects within the Council.

Stevie McGowan

Head of Design, Glasgow City Council