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Clydesdale Bank, Mortgage broker platform

About the project

Mortgages form a major part of Clydesdale’s business and a large part of that comes through Brokers. The bank wanted to create better functionality for these valuable users.

I was asked to help create a new, state of the art platform that the brokers could use to track cases and applications and to reduce the friction of this process. 

The process

Following some competitor analysis, I set up some focus groups and user workshop sessions. We did a couple of mini design sprints with the participants as well which was a great exercise.

Working together with solution designers, business analysts and stakeholders at an early stage allowed me to help shape the project and push for features that really would have a positive impact on the user experience. 

Off the back of the user sessions, I was able to produce wireframe journeys and test prototypes with our users. This feedback loop allowed us to design the best possible solution within the technical restraints and cost of development.



Initially the design team involved myself, another UX designer and a UX researcher. When the initial discovery phase was complete the team involved;

  • UX designers x 2
  • Business Analyst x 4
  • Solution Designer x 2
  • Product owner/Business stakeholder x 3
  • Copywriter x 1
  • UI Designer x 2
  • Ui Developer x 2


Broker panel screen for uploading documents to a case.

Design for the case tracker/landing screen of the new platform

A group of mortgage brokers taking part in an ideation workshop

Workshop activity showing list of tasks and priorities defined by users.

User insights

It was really interesting getting to know how the brokers went about their day to day jobs and we got some really valuable nuggets of information which helped us to shape our designs. Unfortunately, not all of the ideas and suggestions we made were able to be progressed in the initial phase of development but I’m hopeful that some of them will be in future. We explored the idea of having an app for brokers to allow them to do things such as upload documents to cases and manage notifications on the go. Another use case would be for quicker secure log in process as shown in the proposal below.