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Clydesdale Bank, B App

About the project

The B app was initially built by Delloite who worked with the bank to create a new concept app with forward thinking technology and features. 

Unfortunately, some of the features didn’t work that well and the app was suffering from poor reviews. 

I was asked to take an holistic look at the B App and come up with suggestions of improvements which could be made throughout. 

Some of these suggestions haven’t yet been implimented so I can’t display them here or talk about them.


The process

I gathered up user feedback from the app store and did some user testing with a hockey app version of the app. Then, I opened an account to see first hand the problems that users were encountering.

From this research I was able to write a report of the areas I thought could be improved. These were split into small medium and large in terms of effort to build and some were taken forward by the mobile feature teams.

I also made some proposals of new features which, at the time, were not being done by any other high street banks.




I worked with one other UX designer on the initial research phase of this project. 

We then split out the features between us.

There was a full stack mobile dev team working on the improvements.


Initial research shows the poor ratings

Example of some of the suggestions for improvements

We made improvements to the on-boarding/account opening journeys

Improvements were made to ordering a paper statement

New feature allowing users to re-order their accounts.

Soft token feature

Clydesdale, like many other banks spent £Millions every year on physical security devices (hard tokens) like card readers for making payments.

They wanted to create a way to do this through the mobile app and I was asked to design the user experience for this feature.

Below are a couple of examples of UI flows which were created for handover to developers and stakeholders.