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Freelance User Experience Designer, based in Glasgow.

Helping you build easy to use digital products.

Hi, I’m Michael.

I design user experiences for digital products. 

No jargon, no nonsense, just digging to the heart of the problems and solving them. I love the challenges which come when trying to  streamline a user journey. 

Everyone wants to make their customers’ lives easier. But, making something that’s easy to use, isn’t always… well, easy.

I can help you achieve this for your users.

When we work together, I aim to get a deep understanding of your customers, your products and your goals. We’ll agree on the scope of the project, your timescales and pricing. Then, I’ll get to work.

If you have a project coming up, or an ongoing one that could use an experienced designer, please do get in touch.

Head and shoulders picture of Michael looking a bit awkward!

Some projects_

Clydesdale Bank

Mortgage Broker Platform

Clydesdale Bank

Business Banking

Social Enterprise Institute

Social Shifters

Clydesdale Bank

B App

Clydesdale Bank

IB Advisor Platform


Staff Portal – Ship Sure

Glasgow City Council

Website re-design


Want to work together?

Whatever your project is, hiring a good UX designer really can make a difference. So, why not get in touch and we can arrange a virtual coffee meet up.

Cheers for now,