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Freelance UX designer.
Based in Scotland, designing for anywhere.

Hi, I’m Michael.

I design simple solutions for complex problems.

My aim is to create products and journeys which are easy to use, while still delivering for your business. Whichever stage your project is at, I’m confident I can add value. 

If you’re looking for a designer to help with a digital project, please do get in touch and let’s chat over a virtual coffee. 

Case studies

Clydesdale Bank

Mortgage Broker Platform

Clydesdale Bank

Business Banking

Social Enterprise Institute

Social Shifters

Clydesdale Bank

B app

Clydesdale Bank

IB Advisor platform

V Ships

Staff Portal – Ship Sure

Glasgow City Council

Website redesign


Want to work together?

I’d be delighted to hear about your project. Give me a shout if you want to work together or if you’d like to know more about me and what I do.